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User-friendly trading platforms

Accessible and innovative trading platforms

The proprietary Vestle trading platform was developed through years of knowledge and hands-on experience. We’ve learned to identify what clients need and have adapted and then readapted our platform and tools accordingly.
Our platform combines cutting-edge technology with a user-focused interface. It allows traders to access their accounts from web or mobile, with ease and at any time they choose.
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The new generation of web trading

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Vestle’s proprietary web trading platform isn’t a product - it’s a process. Developed in house, our exclusive FXNET was developed based on the needs of real traders and constantly adapted and improved according to changing requirements. The platform can be easily customised to support different trading styles and strategies and it’s equipped with advanced trading tools and features.

  • Easily customised to cater for diverse preferences
  • Features a variety of trading tools and market info
  • Offers a clear and user-friendly interface

The Vestle trading app

Our advanced mobile trading platform

CFDs Mobile platform

Global markets are always active, so modern traders need a mobile trading platform that is accessible, seamless and innovative. Our trading app is all that and more, bringing multiple markets to your mobile screen and enabling you to easily trade on the go. The free app will operate smoothly on different smartphones and you can download it on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Quick access to your wallet, balance, and trades
  • Features mobile updates throughout the day
  • Allows instant reactions to major market events